Archive of Previous Years 30 Aug-2 Sep, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

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The following will be attending CoKoCon as guests, panelists or workshop hosts. More will be added.

Click on images or names to see who these folk are and what they'll be doing at CoKoCon.

Alexander James Adams

Madame Askew

Dee Astell

Hal C. F. Astell

Brian Augustyn

The Awesomelys

Gary W. Babb

Hal Bass

Len Berger

Mark Boniece

Cathy Book

Lady Brandywine

Prof. Theodoric Brandywine

Debe Branning

Dani Carvalho

Beth Cato

Ivy Chapman

Diana Terrill Clark

Patrick Connors

Jenn Czep

Emily Devenport

Chris Dickenson

The D.R.E.A.D. Fleet

Craig Dyer

Crystel Flanders

Michael Flanders

Floyd Getchell


Mary Harrington

Callie Hills

Ernest Hogan

Mark Horning

Avily Jerome

Khurt Khave

Ross B. Lampert

Cindy Lee

Jeff Mariotte

Kevin McAlonan

Jim Miller

Stellar Miller

Nonny Mouse

MVD Ghostchasers

Phoenix Astronomical Society

Christin Pike

Jared Pike

Alyssa Provan

Valerie Ritchie

Jennifer Robeson

Marsheila Rockwell

Cyn Shepard

Michael Senft

Dr. Kim Smith

T. L. Smith

Professor Sparks

Mermaid Spectra

Judith Starkston

Gary Swaty

Sandra Tyra

Ed Vasko

Stephanie L. Weippert

Dr. David Williams

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